RealisticSoftware is here to provide computer services and software.  RealisticSoftware is a small organization that supplies services to a few clients on a very customized and personalized level.

Over the years I have solved many different client problems.  Most of the clients have needed services for the Macintosh and Unix platforms. I excel on delivering solutions to these platforms but do not limit myself to just those platforms.  Although a custom software solution is what I like to deliver to a client, most clients needs do not justify such a polished solution. I have delivered alternative solutions by using shell scripts, perl scripts, third party software, other scripts, smaller custom code, and a combination of these.

Besides the custom client services, I do have and I am working more packaged services.  Also included in the service page are workaround solutions and other helpful information.  See the services page for more information.

Custom GUI software development is my true love.  Most of the software development up to this time has been preformed for clients and is owned by them.  Although, there is some Macintosh tools and shareware GUI applications available to download that RealisticSoftware can make available.  See the software page for more information.

I am always looking for new projects.  If you have a small project need, I am very interested in hearing from you.  At this time I am unavailable to accept new clients that need on-going services.

If you need to contact me on any matter contained in this web site, you may do so on this page.

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