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The CombatStats World-of-Warcraft (WoW) addon displays real-time and overall combat statistics.  It displays real-time DPS (damage per second), HPS (heals per second), and damage taken per second in its own movable window frame along with being able to display this real-time data in Titan, FuBar, and InfoBar addons.  It also tracks overall combat statistics of overall critial percentage, misses, miss counts of each miss type along with collecting this data for each attack and heal type. It also reports overall battle results to the chat log.  The user may sort the attack and healing data based on alphabetical, most recent crit, greatest crit, and greatest non-crit. 


v4.642 interface

v4.642 interface

v4.642 interface

v4.642 interface
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CombatStats's official distribution site is here. 


Chat Slash Commands

/combatstats ( or /cs ) <command> <argument>

commands and optional arguments are:
(note no argument will usually toggle command)

^ enable [on | off] - 'Enable or disable CombatStats'
^ target [on | off] - 'Only show DPS meter when you have a target'
^ mouseover [on | off] - 'Show detailed window on mouseover'
^ endoffight [on | off] - 'Show end of fight information'
^ hide [on | off] - 'Hide the DPS small display'
^ showmdps [on | off] - 'Shows the DPS value in small display'
^ showmhps [on | off] - 'Shows the HPS value in small display'
^ tooltip [on | off] - 'Show the DPS frame tooltip'
^ showstats - 'Show the detailed attack stats frame'
^ reset [yes] - 'Reset all stats to 0'
^ resetpos - 'Reset the windows position back to default locations'
^ maxups [value] - 'Sets the maximum number of updates per second displayed'


Private feedback can be sent to me directly through any of the RealisticSoftware contact pages.  Or public comments can be posted on


Is available to downloaded from WoWAddons page.


There are different ways to support this addon.  One of the easiest ways is to publicly post how you like the addon and what you would like the addon to include in the future.  Code fixes and quality testing are also appricated.  And financial support is greatly appricated.  I ask you to consider what you regularly tip for services (waiter or hairstylist) and send a similar tip. 
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Caveats, Known Bugs, Etc.

  • English is only supported.  Please contact me if you would like to become involved with supporting other languages. 


  • Version 4.801, 05.01.2011 release
    - updated for WoW 4.1
    - supported on WoW 4.1
  • Version 4.702, 12.17.2010 release
    - minor change to lower the windows level strata
    - supported on WoW 4.0
  • Version 4.701, 11.04.2010 release
    - fixed dropdown menu problems
    - supported on WoW 4.0
  • Version 4.700, 10.13.2010 release
    - updated for WoW 4.0
    - supported on WoW 4.0
  • Version 4.682, 02.21.2010 release
    - fixed an initial nil value
    - supported on WoW 3.3
  • Version 4.681, 02.19.2010 release
    - fixed the 3.3 drop down menu problems
    - fixed heals to no longer be all crits
    - supported on WoW 3.3
  • Version 4.680, 12.11.2009 release
    - Updated for version WoW 3.3
    - Minor global usage code improvements
    - Fixed lua log warnings
    - Dynamically create resources needed to InfoBar
    - supported on WoW 3.3
  • Version 4.670, 08.04.2009 release
    - Updated for version WoW 3.2
    - supported on WoW 3.2
  • Version 4.660, 04.24.2009 release
    - Updated for version WoW 3.1
    - Minor internal code cleanup
    - 2 Addition attack tracking types added
    - supported on WoW 3.1
  • Version 4.651, 10.19.2008 release
    - Fixed a bug that disabled or crashed the addon when a slash command was used
    - supported on WoW 2.4 & 3.0
  • Version 4.650, 10.12.2008 release
    - Improvements in the configuration setting
    - More change in combat log for the 3.0 changes
    - Updated to support the upcoming WoW 3.0 interface changes
    - supported on WoW 2.4 & 3.0
  • Version 4.642, 09.14.2008 release
    - Fixed a possible nil initialization bug
    - Fixed a reset of the beginning dynamic combat values
    - Added command option settings menu to the mini DPS/HPS frame
    - Reworked the clicking functionality on the mini DPS/HPS frame to be more like the right & left click actions from FuBar and TitanBar.  Left-click & drag to move frame, Left-click to show detailed stats, Right-click to change the settings, Right-shift-click to show detailed stats
    - supported on WoW 2.4
  • Version 4.641, 09.08.2008 release
    - Finish the healing tracking additions, (heals in endoffight & HPS are now included)
    - Added functionality to display DPS and HPS in the realtime DPS displays in bars and mini window
    - Added commands to display or not display DPS or HPS, (/cs showmdps & /cs showmhps)
    - Improved the in and out of combat state
    - Improved onCombatEvent to track fromMe not toMe
    - Fixed updates in updateDynCombatInfo by correcting oldesttime setting
    - supported on WoW 2.4
  • Version 4.640, 08.27.2008 release
    - Fixed the miss counters to count all the WoW 2.4 combat log misses, even partial misses
    - Fixed HOTs to no longer be included in the damage total record
    - Resupport HOTs and DOTs labelling, again a fix for WoW 2.4 combat log changes
    - Fixed heals being totalled from other
    - Lots of code cleanup
    - Detail frame is set to Total upon reset or auto-reset instead of nothing
    - supported on WoW 2.4
  • Version 4.630, 06.27.2008 release
    - Fixed in onCombatEvent() to make sure the initial attack is recorded
    - Fixed in onCombatEvent() correctly include partial damage from missed,blocked,resisted events
    - Support code changes to track missed damage in future (attack damage that does not damage target)
    - supported on WoW 2.4
  • Version 4.620, 05.12.2008 release
    - Added functionality to automatically reset the data when entering a new battle
    - Rework the slash cmds
    - Moved the GUI detail options menu to the left side of the frame away from the reset button
    - Add the automatic reset when entering battle functionality and gui
    - supported on WoW 2.4
  • Version 4.611, 04.30.2008 release
    - Fixes to restore the saving off of data; ddresses a WoW 2.4 change
    - supported on WoW 2.4
  • Version 4.610, 04.17.2008 release
    - Changes to resupport TitanBar. TitanBar is support through outside TitanCombatStats addon.
    - Removed CombatStats.ComParse usage since it is no longer needed
    - Major cleanup and restructuring of main code file
    - Non-english localization string files have been removed since many many string texts where missing from many years of improvements on CombatStats with no one available to contribute string translations to other languages.
    - supported on WoW 2.4
  • Version 4.600, 04.11.2008 release
    - Completely rework the combat log parsing to use the new combat log
    - supported on WoW 2.4
  • Version 4.520, 01.20.2008 release
    - Fixes and restores the healing record keeping
  • Version 4.511, 11.23.2007 release
    - Fixes the reset functionality to correctly clear the attack name menu list.
  • Version 4.510, 11.18.2007 release
    - Updated for WoW 2.3 patch
  • Version 4.500, 09.21.2007 release
    - Improved DPS display update handling.
    - Added user option to control the maximum updates-per-second that CombatStats displays. [ie /cs maxups 10]
    - Added user option to reset the window frames back to default locations. "/cs resetpos"
  • Version 4.492, 09.17.2007 release
    - Fixed FuBar support.
  • Version 4.491, 09.16.2007 release
    - Fixed an intial state nil issue in DataConvertPre449.lua file
  • Version 4.49, 09.16.2007 release
    - Many changes where made to reduce the load on the lua dynamic memory garbage collection.
    - Removed attackNames and specialAttackLog variables from being stored.
    - Moved common lua code modules into separate files.
  • Version 4.48, 07.28.2007 release
    - Changes to fix an exit battle shutter when "wowecon" is being used with this addon
  • Version 4.46, 07.13.2007 release
    - Unregister events when they are not needed.
    - Improvements in attack event parsing, external addon integration, text localization.
    - Lots of code cleanup.
    - Addition of rough german translation for the new text to CS from version 3.81 on.
  • Version 4.45, 07.07.2007 release
    - Fixes to support non-english attacks locals
    - Major improvements in the attack event handling
    - other changes
  • Version 4.44, 07.03.2007 release
    - Fixed record keeping of first strike damage.
    - Fixed start and stop combat timer.
    - Fixed 'end of fight' data.
    - Fixed 'on target' option, so the frame correctly displays when a target is selected.
    - Fixed some unrecorded attacks by using the WoW global strings, this change also means all language attack strings should be parsed and recorded.
    - Improved internal code functionality in general.
  • Version 4.43, 06.14.2007 release
    - Added FuBar support
    - Fixed Titan Bar problem
    - Fixed some DOT damages not being recorded correctly
  • Version 4.42, 06.08.2007 release
    This release only affects the players that use it with the Titan bar.
    - Many Titan integration improvements
    - Minor clock function improvement
    - Changed over to the blizzard globally defined time format strings.
  • Version 4.41, 06.03.2007 release
    - Added missing showttip command support.
    - Added the old chat commands(version 3.8) back - both command sets are available.
  • Version 4.40, 05.23.2007 release
    - Updated for WoW 2.1.0 patch
  • Version 4.32, ?.2007 release
    CombatStats version 4.32 has minor changes of:
    - Fixes for better InfoBar integration.
    - Fixes to better handle "Sea" addon problems.
  • Version 4.31, ?.2007 release
    CombatStats version 4.31 has major improvements although its traditional behavior and functionality are the same.
    This release has these improvments:
    - The entire statics window has been reformatted to accommodate the high attack values.
    - Added the addition drop down menu to allow removal of attack entries, reorder/sort attack menu and other options.
    - Many internal code improvements to support future changes.
    - Moved many hard coded strings to the localization.lua file (non-english text variations are still needed).
    - Improved the attack grouping sub menu in the attack menu.
    - Included support for the optional addon interaction with InfoBar, Sea, Titan and Khaos. Code changes came from
    - Remember and restore the user selected attack after the player has logged out.
  • Version 4.0, ?.2007 release
    CombatStats version 4.0 is an improvement revision to continue you track your combat statistics, such as critical percentage, miss, parry etc. This release is based on the code from CombatStats v3.76 release, which was included in CT_Mod v1.856 package. The addon improvements the layout of the detailed statistics window, a fix to correct an event time stamp, and the attack drop-down menu has been shortened by adding submenus to it for common types.
  • Versions 3.8x, ?.2007 releases
    CombatStats version 3.8 has been revised for WoW 2.0 to continue to let you track your combat statistics, such as critical percentage, miss, parry etc. This release is based on the code from CombatStats v3.76 release, which was included in CT_Mod v1.856 package. The addon should have the same functionality as it did before, with the exception that it no longer requires CT_MasterMod, and the right and left click behavior has been switched to behave like most addon window frames that drag on left click.

    ---WoW 2.0.3--> DOWNLOAD (CombatStats v3.82)
    ---WoW 2.0--> DOWNLOAD (CombatStats v3.81)

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